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How to take care of your brows for the next 2 Weeks following your Initial 3D Brow Service:

Day 1


  • Right after the procedure, dab brows dry with cotton pads every 10 minutes for the first hour.

  • Apply Bandaids to cover tails of the brows at night before sleeping for 10 nights.



  • This prevents lymph sweats from building up & crusting as the brows heal.


  • Applying Bandaids to the tails will protect them from falling off too fast from sleeping on your side on the pillows.

Day 2


  • After 24 hrs from initial procedure, dab witch hazel gently to ensure your brows are clean for:


  • Right after the witch hazel, apply a very tiny drop of ointment onto clean fingers.  Rub the ointment on the back of your hand to thin it out. Then apply the ointment on Microbladed brows very gently by tapping it on top for:

[BROWS SHOULD NOT LOOK GREASY, apply ointment to look as moist as it was freshly done.]

Day 1-10


  • Use plastic visors provided in the shower on days you wash your hair to prevent them from getting excessively wet for 10 days.


  • Wash your face in the sink, do not wash it in the shower.  You may wash below the eyes as normal using facewash & water.  Use a wipe to clean around eyebrows and forehead to prevent water from dripping onto the eyebrow area for 10 days.

Any of the following will affect how well your brows heal and could lead to infection:



  • Do not soak treated area in any forms of water [bath, swimming pool, hot tub, etc] & keep new brows away from the Sun or Tanning booths for 10 DAYS.

  • Keep new microbladed brows away from any pets or animals until healed (until done peeling).

  • Please refrain from gardening and keep new brows away from gardens/ plants/ trees.

  • Apply sunscreen to your brows after brows are healed to help prevent future fading.

If your skin type is:

             Dry/ Normal                     Combination/ Oily                   3 Days                                   1 Day



                 10 Days                                  1 Day

 +2 times a day every          One time only right

    morning & night               after witch hazel.

                                                [Only apply the next

                                               following days if your

                                               brows feel dry. Natural

                                                oil production should

                                                keep brows moist


I understand that at the first sign of an infection, adverse reaction or allergic reaction to the procedure, I must notify Julie Cautiverio and seek medical care IMMEDIATELY. Signs and symptoms of infection, including, but not limited to, redness, swelling, tenderness of the procedure site, red streaks going from the procedure site towards the heart, elevated body temperature, or purulent drainage from the procedure site.

Failure to follow post-treatment instructions may cause loss of pigment, discoloration or infection.  Remember, colors appear brighter and more sharply defined immediately following the procedure. As the healing progresses, pigments will process and skin will regenerate and peel. Peeling is NORMAL.  After peeling, color will soften and color will gradually reappear at 4-6 weeks. A touch-up procedure may or may not be necessary. Final results cannot be determined until healing is complete. Touch-up procedures must be made 6-8 weeks following the procedure.  An additional fee of $100+ will apply for touch-ups after 8 weeks following the procedure. Please use the pictorial below as a guide for your “3D Brow Caterpillar to Butterfly Experience”.

Day 11-14


  • On day 11, let the water run over your brows in the shower.  Do NOT scrub the brows with any soap. The shower water will melt off any scabbing for the next days on its own.

***  Any area that needs to be “refilled” “redefined” “darkened” “reshaped” will be done ONLY AT THE 8 WEEK touch up appointment.  Although brows look like their healed after peeling it is still premature, it takes 8 weeks for your skin to be fully healed to be able to Microblade over them again. TRUST THE PROCESS!  ***

3D Caterpillar to butterfly experience
trust the process!

Brow Healing Experience

   How you may feel during your process:

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